Durrasi.com is a digital portal where you can find more, know more, and learn more about the locals who build things that they believe in, the creative business that is built with passion and love, and million of perspective from those local creatives.

With Durrasi, let’s believe in these 3 fundaments:

  1. Let’s believe that local and creative would become the foundation of Indonesia’s economy;
  2. Let’s believe that the more perspectives we saw, the less invalid-judgement we’d tell; and
  3. Let’s believe that everything has its own time & space.

So, we’ve been running many programs to #ExposeTheLocals in order to raise the awareness of Creative Industry. If you’d like to know more, read here.

Anyway, we’ve been exposing the local, creative and perspective since December 2014 through a light to heavy-weight interview. We’re doing it better each time and we never stop seeking for an improvements. And for your information, we’re also experiencing several transformations from Monsterfe.com, Awarreness.com, and today, Durrasi.com.


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